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My office smells like poo.


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The hall outside my office on the floor of my building (where the elevators are) REEKS like SHIT (literally!)!!

We had a power outage yesterday for about 20 minutes which affected the bathrooms on my floor (only on my floor, for some reason)...yesterday, the stench was already quite foul, and we assumed someone had taken a giant crap in the handicapped bathroom (as people are wont to do) and either:

a) didn't realize the toilet wasn't going to flush/there was an issue with the toilets or

B) couldn't wait or

c) didn't care

Today, it's much more pronounced. I actually gagged getting off the elevator this morning. Now I'm wondering if perhaps there's some sort of sewage issue.

I suppose I could contact Facilities to find out what's going on...but I'm reluctant...I see the conversation going a little something like this...

"Hi. I'm on the 10th floor and..it..um..reeks like poop."


"Hello? Did you hear me? It smells like an outhouse on 10."


"Is there something you can do about the stink or are we just going to have to retch every time we need to go into the hall?"

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