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Hello from St.Stephen New Brunswick!


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Hi EveRYbODY, I'm Doctor NiCk


sorry to get your hopes up..its just Baj :P

anyways...its been a busy couple weeks

the Captain and I made it...were here staying

at my parents cottage on Oak Bay an inlet bay

from the bay of fundy...

Yesterday morning we were watching a bald eagle

overlooking the tide coming in...

But had to leave for an interview in Saint John

at MOOSEHEAD(my fav beer producer :P ) fingers crossed on that one !!!

other than that we are just searching madly for our first home...

Hope everyone is doing GREAT :)

peace from the east

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Hey, very cool. I used to know a house full of hippies in Toronto, who had moved there from St. Stephen. I guess it's a little, border town. They told us they used to drive over to the U.S. for lunch all the time, and Border Patrol got to know them to the point that they hardly had to stop.

It sounds like a beautiful place. Congratulations to both of you on the move.

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Thanks EvErYbODY :)

Definately breathin' in that salty air and lovin' it!

Have not been in Pluto's Restaurant & Poppa's Pub

yet...that place has changed hands and names almost everytime I came home over the years...will have to check it out again though...

whats your uncles name?

and yes this is Canada's Chocolate town thanks to the Ganong Family...mmmm mmmm goooooood

the chicken bones are one of my favs aswell..ha

Well ol'hickster and whoever else gets down to these parts let us know and we will hook up!

Cheers y'all

peace from the east !!! with a moment of silence on this Rememberence Day.

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