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I'm goin' to Vancouver!


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My favourite (and quite inexpensive) restaurant in Vancouver is "Baru" in Dunbar. Peruvian food. Go there! If you want 24-hour vegetarian food, then obviously the Naam (but it will likely take an hour to get served, and a hippy might drop it all in your lap while serving you, but that's all part of the charm.)

Other than that, most of what I'd really tell you to do is north of Vancouver in Porteau Cove, Squamish, and Whistler, and the rest of BC. There's tonnes to do in Vancouver, but it's mostly city-type stuff, so the same as most other places.

It's a great city, and I love it, but most of what makes it really special (in my opinion) is what surrounds it.

You'll have a great time.

(I believe Ween is playing there this week, too, in a beautiful theatre.)

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take the sky train from downtown and transfer onto the sea bus to pop over to the north shore (a great trip for a couple of bucks and nice way to get a look at the city, maybe even some seals from the sea bus) then go hiking up Grouse Mountain (obviously visit Lynn Canyon), check out the suspension bridge (unfortunately looks like it might be closed for the season)

visit the English Bay Bagelry, the Bagel Merchants or at least one of the west end cafes with bagels and have a pizza bagel and a coffee, either before or after a stroll around Stanley Park... English Bay is best place to people watch in Canada... the Sylvia Hotel is a nice place to stay (or to pretend you're staying at)

drop and check out the Haida totem poles at UBC then wander down to Wreck Beach (clothing optional during the warmer season)

take a miniature ferry from the West End (near Stanley Park) over to Granville Island (within city limits, near downtown) check out the artists and the market

don't wander too far east past Gastown, especially at night, avoid Hastings Street in general... I kind of liked it but the several people I saw get stabbed there didn't look like they did

(if you end up in Gastown be sure to check out the Steam Clock, otherwise pretty touristy)

definitely wander up and down Commercial Drive, eat things, drink things and talk to people

check out the Commodore Ballroom one night, swankly decorated and has a rubber dance floor

if you have wheels take a day trip up the North Shore to Squamish or somewhere, alternatively take one of the big ferries somewhere (the gulf islands are very cool)

could also check out the aquarium, the classic Chinese gardens, Imax theater at Canada Place, museum of Anthropology, etc etc etc

have good fun, its a great town!

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