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Large Marge

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this set list isn't too far off what we saw in Toronto - minus of course the Drum solo - which I was really hoping for. Stevie played a lot of material from "In the Key of Life" - but I think it was expected that the adult contemporary vibe would happen - that makes up a large portion of his repetoire. What we didn't also see from this set list: Part Time lover, Boogie On Reggae Woman. I would have also liked to hear Uptight :Everything is alright.


Stevie Wonder Setlist - Sleep Train Pavilion -8/26/07

Love's In Need of Love Today,

Too High,


Livin' for the City,

Master Blaster (Jammin'),

(I Heard it Through the Grapevine>Billie Jean)*,

Higher Ground,

Golden Lady>

Ribbon in the Sky,

Can't Imagine Love Without You,

You and I,


Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing,

Signed, Sealed, Delivered,

(Signed, Sealed, Delivered)**,

Most Beautiful Girl in the World,

Boogie On Reggae Woman,

My Cherie Amour,

All I Do (Is Think About You),

Sir Duke,

I Wish,

Isn't She Lovely,

You Are the Sunshine of My Life,

Superstition >

Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker),

Do I Do>

Band Intros>

Stevie on Drums Solo,

Part-Time Lover>

I Just Called to Say I Love You,

So What The Fuss?,

Another Star

*Stevie on Clavinet w/ Voice Effects

**Performed as a Country Song

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Sir Duke

Ribbons vocal jam

Country version of "Signed Sealed Delivered"

I agree with all of Jaydawg's highlights - these topped my list though.

Adult contemporary feel - for sure!! But I still loved all of it.

His voice is still top notch. His breathing and ability to hold notes floored me.

Large Marge - thanks so much for hosting us. Loved the Stevie cake!

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Great show all and all but there were too many ballads in a row for my tastes, really killed the energy.

I also thought many of the uptempo funk numbers seemed cut short and almost no groove section, jam or solos.

I did however think the band was very tight and Stevie sounded great. His voice is very impressive. I also loved that he broke out the harmonica for "Too High".

I really was hoping he was gonna play "Boogie on reggae woman"..but no dice.

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Very enjoyable show, it was. Stevie is a total soul man and is at the top of his game. I was quite content was the amount of dancable selections throughout the show, and happy with the audience, who did not once hassle dancing people.

The sound at the ACC was very good, as it has been for each show I've seen there.

A great night in TO!

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Here is what my friend Ivy had to say about the show in an email she wrote. (Reprinted with permission!)

It was all I dreamed it would be and more.

The night started with Stevie walking out to the entire ACC giving him a solid 2 minute standing ovation. You could just hear people screaming out "I love you Stevie" from all over the stadium. I knew instantly I was amongst peers. People who had been touched as much by him as I have. Throughout the show I heard people just saying that they loved him almost under their breath, like they couldn't help themselves.

I will offer some choice highlights but I must say that Stevie came to jam and had to practically be dragged off the stage. He jammed for 2 and a half hours straight! It was amazing.

The whole concept of the tour is to say thank you to his fans for their support throughout his career. His mom died in the spring and he wanted to give back to those that help to provide his mom with an amazing life. There was nothing to promote, it was simply just to give back to the fans. The only song I did not hear that I knew (and I know many) was ebony and ivory. I would say he played at least 30 songs. He would do some big hits in an open jam medley format which made them all sound really dynamic and fresh.

If anyone had any doubts as to whether Stevie may have seen better days (as many of his peers have) then they were silenced after last night. The quality of his voice was better than I have ever heard recorded.


-the opening standing ovation

-stevie put an effects feature on his mic and began a wild medley of funk/hip hop classics (his voice sounded like the effect on Kanye West's "Stronger"), he played We want the funk, We are family etc.

-He turned signed sealed delivered into a country tune and had the crowd singing with this sort of twang

-I laughed out loud several times throughout the show because Stevie was hamming it up constantly

-Stevie having to stop singing because he started crying during one of his songs. He was so into it during the entire gig. Not for one moment did I feel like he was going through the motions but rather than he was excited to be there and wanting to fit as much in as he possibly could

-Stevie jumping up onto his piano stool to see his last song

A dream come true. One of the greatest experiences of my life.

Whoever your "stevie" is I hope you get to see them perform the way I got see mine.

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