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ottawa 16th?

Im going home Donny

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In the 613 zone for a stint here. Reccomendations on some good tunes playing Friday/16th would be greatly appreciated...I'm a million miles away from Ottawa loops but am hoping to get out friday. If I can't find anything Mooosey and I may just kidnap Stapes and dress him up in girly clothing...for the love of all things stapesy...point out some good music for friday! :P

Thanks! :)

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Here is what was listed on Xpress:

Jack DeK, Robyn Hitchcock or The Acorn are all good bets.......... And I think Stapes is out of town this weekend.

Big Money Shot Capital Music Hall Nov 16

Blue Stone Greenfield's Music Hall & Pub Nov 16

Fall Out Boy Scotiabank Place Nov 16

Jack de Keyser Maison Maxime Nov 16

Jack de Keyzer Maison Maxime Nov 16

Marc Charron D'Arcy McGee's Nov 16 and 17

Parade Avant Garde Bar Nov 16

Robyn Hitchcock, Sean Nelson Zaphods Nov 16

Sidewinder O'Connor's Nov 16 and 17

Sunparlour Players Black Sheep Inn Nov 16

The Acorn CD Release Barrymore's Nov 16


ps. Hope to see you Julia!

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