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NYTimes: Labels looking for the next Phish


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Interesting read:

NYTimes - Band as Brand

Interesting excerpt:

...labels may take a closer look at the progeny of the Grateful Dead: hard-touring jam bands that don’t necessarily sell many CD’s or score radio hits but do draw obsessively loyal fans who gobble up tickets and memorabilia. “We used to look at jam bands as bands that absolutely we shouldn’t sign,†said Craig Kallman, chairman of Atlantic Records. “Now all of a sudden I’m saying: ‘Guys, you absolutely must find the next hottest jam band. I need the next Phish. Urgently.’â€

Don't we all?

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They would have to bankroll the fuck-out-of them to allow them to tour incessantly and be patient the entire time.

Right, and any publicly-traded large record company, which will have to report earnings every quarter, won't want to do that. Worse, if this kind of thing starts to become common, it'll mean that bands that opt for this kind of deal will be in the hole to record labels even more than they are now, and those that don't sell enough stuff (CDs, tickets, merchandise, ringtones, whatever), or break up before they've earned enough back, are going to be in serious debt to the record companies for a long time to come.



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Of course they need the jambands now. THey ae the only ones who can make money without selling records the old-broken way.

I mean look how much cash Jimmy buffett rakes in and tell me the record companies don't want a piece.

The bottom line is if the labels want to get in on improvised music then they have to revert to their 60's/70's mentality...Let the artists take care of the music and the labels take care of the promo/distribution.

The minute the labels try and "craft" music or anticipate what the public wants it's over...

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