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DUSTIN BENTALL at the Boathouse Friday, 16/11/07

Large Marge

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I interviewed him AGES ago I think.. Glad to see he's making waves...

Well, I found the piece. It was a CD Review for August 2006. Here You Go...

Dustin Bentall

Streets with No Lights


From the look of cowboy–hat adorned Dustin Bentall, one would

assume that Streets with No Lights is another CMT driven

desecration of country music. Yet the Canadian crooner is nothing

of the sort, instead producing a pleasing, dusty tribute to early

country greats like Johnny Cash and Bentall’s own father, Barney.

Aside from a standard rendition of CSNY’s “Helplessly Hoping,â€

Bentall’s originals are rustic, upbeat and cleverly produced,

creating a countrified package rich in the music that rests on its

fringes, like delta blues, bluegrass, hillbilly and folk. “Such a

Shame†is quite the opposite to be exact, while finale “Blackie,â€

whether about local Tom Wilson and his Rodeo Kings, embodies

much of the aesthetic that makes its namesake so enthralling.


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