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Longshot: Can anyone tell me who this Ottawa band was?


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Many years ago, I organized a Halloween party in Gatinau that had about 10 bands playing. Some of you were there.

There was a very young band that was added at the last second, and played a 30 minute set, way too early in the evening before almost anyone arrived to see them.

I don't remember how I ended up adding them to the show, but they knew someone I knew or something. They were really good, too. I cannot remember for the life of me who these kids were. I suspect they may have morphed into another band or bands since then.

So, do any of you older Ottawa Skanks remember who that band was? Were you in that band? For all I know, that band may have become nero. I have no idea.

Any ideas?

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Yes! Carstairs, that was the party, and I am quite certain it was The Rainy Day Prophets. Velvet, well done pulling out that old ticket!

Thanks, guys. This question has bugged me on and off over the last 13 years.

And peace lizard, this post was never intended for you. I'd be reluctant to try to get you to remember what you ate for breakfast, let alone a party you attended more than a decade ago!

So, as a follow up, who was in The Rainy Day Prophets? They were good. One or some of them must still play?

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Well, I don't remember too much, but I think I can help you out. My friend Dave Payant's older brother was the guitarist, but I can't remember his first name. Last I heard he was living out West. Pierre-Yves Martel played bass, he's still playing a bunch in many jazz ensembles and orchestras.

I think I even have a very badly recoreded tape somewhere...I remember REALLY liking them too. Thanks for reminding me about them

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Thank you, moe.ron! That's some good, detailed info.

I wonder if that guitarist is in any band out west that I knew of when I was there.

I'm assuming the badly recorded tape, is actually a TAPE, but if it ever gets digitized, please think of me? I'd love a copy, and would obviously reciprocate by sending something in return.

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Aaaaaaah! You are actually telling a true story.

I won't say his name, but yes, that was a guy from Afterthought. He was a brown-belt in Karate. (He decided he qualified himself as a black-belt in Karate, too, and then declared he was one.)

He actually suffered from some real, clinical issues. As a result, he went on a bit of a rampage doing some very bad things around Ottawa for a short period of time.

No idea what happened to him. I do hope he got better. It was actually quite sad.

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