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Pot May Halt Breast Cancer.


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A compound found in cannabis may stop breast cancer spreading throughout the body, US scientists believe.

The California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute team are hopeful that cannabidiol or CBD could be a non-toxic alternative to chemotherapy.

Unlike cannabis, CBD does not have any psychoactive properties so its use would not violate laws, Molecular Cancer Therapeutics reports.

The authors stressed that they were not suggesting patients smoke marijuana.

They added that it would be highly unlikely that effective concentrations of CBD could be reached by smoking cannabis.

This compound offers the hope of a non-toxic therapy that could achieve the same results without any of the painful side effects

Lead researcher Dr Sean McAllister

CBD works by blocking the activity of a gene called Id-1 which is believed to be responsible for the aggressive spread of cancer cells away from the original tumour site - a process called metastasis.

Past work has shown CBD can block aggressive human brain cancers.

The latest work found CBD appeared to have a similar effect on breast cancer cells in the lab.

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they might have been high at the time

"dude, what are you staring at?"

"dude it looks like you've got an adolescent girl's breast growing out of you"

"dude pass the vaporiser"

"holy shit you're right, i'm going to need some alone time to check this out"

*goes to bathroom, looks at self in mirror*

next day dude #1 calls up dude #2

"hey man did something weird happen last night?"

"i don't think so, but i woke up in the bathtub with all the hair shaved off the left side of my chest"

"cool, maybe we can hook up later and hit that vaporiser again"


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