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Drunken Dougler Post


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when in Vancouver....post drunk

I'm here for work, but basically I'm going to the office for a few hours, killing time until I can ge lt loadaed again.

fSunday was innocent enough....lots of sight seeing. But then we got drunk on that night. well marcus and robbie whent to bed after buying all the beer and mario and I drank the rest. (I just nosomewhow got the bold thing goin on and I can't backspace cuz that's the rule so tjhe rest will be bold

sooo....sunday, nice stuff and tdrunk. work on mondya blah blah blha

i can't even begin to attempt to post ipictgures (as you can probably tell) so use your imaginations.

we saw some sights, we ate out once, when gorcery shppoing and cooked for the riest of the week. dddgot drunk some more. but we comntineued to go to work and get "evaluated" by Anal-Michael".

ok, this mistypes aren't all my falult. marcus is leaning on the tablel , laughing, shaking the laptopl....not my fault

still bold, eh?

our firday plan is to get some knoid of maritni that joiey suiggested , go tot the rude restaurant and the bounce in the swank room on the rubber floor with ms. beave.

we played poiker with qtips

how are your coke and hookers, andre? :" :tongue:

keep that bed warm, baby


i'm gringin whoopes....b I'm grin...damn...I'm bring..

try again

I'm bringing home some warm fuzz y beast

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