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Trailer Park Boys

Kanada Kev

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NOW magazine has 'em on the cover today. A few articles on them inside with interviews. Here are the links, and an excerpt with them talking about music/bands:





Bubbles wants to be your Cinnamon Girl

While the Grey Cup will see the Winnipeg Blue Bombers take on the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Sunday, the boys are (naturally) much more interested in the parties.

The lineup for the Grey Cup concert series reads like a who's who of classic Can-rock: Loverboy, April Wine, Trooper, David Wilcox. Only Rush and the Guess Who seem to be MIA.

“I haven't seen Loverboy in years,†says Smith, who used to play guitar in the Juno-nominated Sandbox back before shacking up in Sunnyvale seven years ago. “I got onstage with Trooper last year, though.â€

Suddenly, the boys are talking music. No surprise. There's a strong connection between the Trailer Park Boys and rock 'n' roll. DVDs of the show are incredibly popular time-killers on band tour buses. The boys did a cross-Canada tour with Our Lady Peace after season two, and were featured in the Tragically Hip video for The Darkest One. And both Alex Lifeson of Rush and Skid Row's Sebastian Bach have been on the show, while Lifeson and Gordon Downie were in the Trailer Park Boys movie.

“I'll listen to anything from reggae to heavy metal,†says Wells.

“You liked the Flock of Seagulls,†says Tremblay.

“Did I?â€

“You used to wear your hair just like that.â€

“I don't remember that,†says Wells, whose onscreen alter ego sports a Jason Priestleyesque pompadour circa season three of 90210.

“Lots of celebrities like our show,†says Tremblay, who somehow manages to make it not sound like he's bragging. “Brad Pitt, Eddie Murphy....â€

“I have a confirmed report that Ringo Starr watches Trailer Park Boys – and he does a Bubbles impression,†says Smith. “I also hear he's a tool.â€

When it's mentioned that Neil Young's also known to be a fan and that he's playing Massey Hall in a few days, Smith makes a shameless plea: “If there's any reader out there with an extra ticket and you want to bring Bubbles to see Neil, get in touch with me, for fuck's sake.â€

Which leads me to ask what band they'd love to play with if they had the opportunity.

“I kind of did join Guns n' Roses and went on tour playing with them for two months,†says Smith, who met Axl Rose through Bach. Smith – as Bubbles – would perform his song Liquor And Whores in concert. “It was awesome, amazing, completely surreal.â€

“I'd join Steel Pulse,†says Tremblay, referring to the British roots reggae outfit. “I'd have a pretty good rockin', chillin' time with those guys on tour.â€

“I want to recant my answer and say Menudo,†says Smith, straight-faced. “Back when Ricky Martin was with them. They were nothing without Ricky.

“It's an important question, though,†Smith continues with what I believe is mock seriousness. “You have to factor in how hard the band parties. You could say the Police, but they're not partying – they're off doing yoga.â€

“The Stones?†asks Wells.

“Not now. Back in the 60s, but if you were in the 60s you'd join the Beatles.â€

“Roger Waters?â€

“No. You'd want to join somebody like...â€

“The Who.â€

“Not the Who,†says Smith.

“Who's all banged up on heroin?†asks Tremblay.


“They're cleaned up.â€

“Boys, I'm joining the Hip,†declares Wells.

“The Hip's good,†says Smith.

“I'd party with those dicks,†says Tremblay.

“Nice comfortable tour bus, lots of stuff to do after the show,†Smith says.

“Smoke different things,†says Wells.

“And they don't do yoga.â€

And on and on the debate continues, over another round of drinks.

“It's strange – we've hung out and toured with a lot of bands, and we always seem like the crazy ones,†says Tremblay. “They're all chilled out and we're like, ‘Boys, this is a fuckin' rock tour!'â€

“Except for Guns n' Roses,†says Smith.

“Axl is the only one who ever out-partied us,†says Tremblay admiringly. “Ever.â€

The night started in L.A. at Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's pad. Rose even sang a few songs. By 7 am, he'd taken the boys to another house party where he ordered the windows blacked out so it still felt like night.

“This is Axl and just booze, not any other substance – just liquor,†says Smith. “He can drink for two days straight. He's a machine.†By midafternoon, Rose was ready to hit a strip club.

“We were like, ‘That's it. We're done,'†says Tremblay. All three TPB slept until the next day, missing the Oscar after-parties they'd been invited to.

Not that it was the last red-carpet affair for the three.

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Damn. Maybe I should ditch my buddy and take Bubbles. However, I want some of that KILLER Sunnyvale kind bud in return :D:D

Sorry, Swifty, you've been a real dick around here lately.. you're out, Bubbles is IN!!! I already contacted him.. we'll be hanging out in TO before the show.. .any suggestions on good places in TO to get smashed?

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any suggestions on good places in TO to get smashed?

That's the wrong question to ask: instead, you should be trying to find ways to stay smashed as you wander around the city. Achieving smashedicity in one location is easy; maintaining it while you're mobile is much tougher.



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Ah shit, Swifty just called me at work.. he's all pissy 'cause I ditched him. I had to tell Bubs the deal's off and suggested he just go the venue where he might be able to find an extra if he's lucky. Oh well, it'll still be fun.

bradm, thanks for the insight.. I guess I should have just asked for suggestions on a good place to get smashed. I'm not much into sightseeing.

phorbesie, it'd be great to meet up with you guys prior.. hey, there's a good chance I'll have Velvet's secret skank gift with me ... a month before Christmas too! pm sent.

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