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Langerado Sched. is out

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So there's C-Towns, Scwha, Elemeno, Max and now Stapes. 4 words, 5 people. But thanks for being a jerk!!

who said we were including Stapes??!! eff that guy ;) ...and get with it dude, the little winky guy absolves me of all jerkiness you ass ;) <<<--- and it's spelled Schwa., hosebag ;) <<<---

;) ;)

we just need a 5 word phrase now, hmmmm. what about Crush With Eye Li Ner. (Hal is gonna fucking kill me!!!)

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cool idea. the winner gets to open up langerado this year.

Sonicbids Finalists

- Telepath from Asheville, NC.

- The Gordon Stone Band from Waterbury, VT.

- Latch Key Kid from Los Angeles, CA.

- Sam Kininger Band from Boston, MA.

- Jounce from New York, NY.

- Suenalo from Miami, FL.

- Wait For Green from Tallahassee, FL.

- The JeanMarie from Miami, FL.

- Palominos from Richmond, VA.

- Oceana Gayden and Zenphonic from Nashville, TN.

my vote is for Sam Kininger Band from Boston, MA.

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