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Anyone have anything good to say about the Soo?


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Born and raised baby (well for part of the time).

Now, I'm not ever going back, but I have a lot of friends who stayed and are happy there.

It's small and it's remote, obviously, but if you like the outdoors and "salt of the earth" people it can be a lot of fun. THere are a few quite good bars with live music. My ex-roomate from Ottawa is a jazz prof at the univerity-college there and gigs regularly in a number of good bands. Fishing and x-country skiing are amazing there, and there is a small but decent downhill ski hill as well. There's a small but noticeable student population which breathes some youth into the place, but don't expect it to have the same student scene as thunder bay for example.

Anyway bob, if it comes to be drop me a PM and I can put you into contact with good people and places.

I'll be there in June/July for my grandmother's birthday as well.

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my girlfriend is from there, been there a ton.

I can't stand the place personaly. You'll like it alot more than oshawa though.

people are nice. the downtown seems absolutely dead. but its close to alot of really nice places that are natural.

I spent 2 weeks in petoskey michigan this summer and it is beautiful!

Tons of snow in the winter.... TONS.

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jonyak, what's your girlfriend's name (if you don't mind saying)? small enough place that we may have gone to school together.

Bob, Constable Lyndon Slewidge is easily one of the best singers of our national anthem in Canadian history. This coming from a Saultite and Sens fan, of course.

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My best friends of 40 years have been living there for the past 10 years or so.

They came from Regina and absolutely love it there.

They say its so friendly and everyone knows everyone..

I havent heard them say anything negative about the place.

They do plan to move in the next year though and not because they don't like the place.They want to be near their daughter.

Good luck.

I am sure you guys will love it too.

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Her name is laura slater...

haha about everyone knowing everyone... funny story.

first time I was there with the gf we were on some random road and I was saying how everyone must know everyone, she said it was untrue. So I see an old couple walking down the road and I am like I bet you know who they are don;t you. Sure enough it was one of her good friends parents... hehe. totaly random, nowhere near her house.

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