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Okay.. Well another Rant


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Okay Well Time of another drink inspired thought. Im already balls deep in to the Rum and Ive been watching the beging of late night showcase, and this show seems to be one of those in the life of a porn start kinda shows for the vivid girls and It seems that the industrry is a bit of a hard one, a bit more struggles than I though, So I have decided that I will give the Media Shaggers credit they work hard for a living mand make a living at being hard I guess and also getting the stiff end hahah Anywho I just seen a segment where they were talking about there future dreams of being married and and having kids living the soccer mom lives, and that got me to thinking that could deffinatly happen but wouldnt that be a funny situation where there kids one day when there in there middle teens and there purusing the internet for a little bit of the five nuckle shuffle relief and then they see there mom getting a bit of the ol Ruff and tumble haha This show makes me laugh

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we used to have cable lol, i liked the friday night lineup on showcase, is the family biz show with seemore Butts still on? that was hilarious, cousin frankie was the best. sin cities is good too, shoulda seen that newdy host guy in amsterdam, those crazy dutchies were whipping him silly, even had him in a leather gimp mask haha

some days i miss the bonus cable we used to get, but we still get about 25 channels, and we get Lost, which is all that really matters

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