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March 29.Collingwood.eye(i): The Chameleon Project,Peter Project &Escalate


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[color:red]eye(i)Visual arts show featuring Melissa Meretsky,Bohdan Chreptak,Kyle Haight and Allison Billings

The artist’s vision is both literal and metaphorical...a tangible, scientifically traceable series of chemical responses that allow us to “see†and a more esoteric perception of reality filtered by personality. The same sight sieved through different eyes, played with by different mental priorities and transferred by different hands , techniques ,mediums ...sight and being transmutes “eye†to “iâ€.

Opening 7-9pm at Duncan's.Featuring The Chameleon Project. http://chameleonproject.com/

+ fire dancers (including the lovely sarahbelle and (fingers crossed)hippyrastachild),painted ladies( one of whom is treetroll), refreshments.


Afterparty at The Huron House

Peter Project http://www.myspace.com/peterproject

Escalate http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=18178926

and a special live dj set by Melissa Meretsky and Gisto of Wassabi Collective.







Kyle (who is also the drummer for Blobject)




On Facebook


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Is "Earth Hour" being incorporated into the event in any way?

Yes..not in quite the way we originally planned but still yes.

Originally we were going to spotlight the artwork with a rig attached to a solar cart...but all the wiring would have had to run through the front door.The response to attending has been huge so the venue got a little skittish because of obvious liability concerns.

What we are now doing is turning off as many lights as possible, upping the candles, all food is vegan and there will be a log book at the entry to record how far you have travelled so we can offset it through planetair.

I'm also providing the venue with CFL"s

Not ideal...the best we can do with ourresources,the volume of people and the fact it's not our venue!!

We've also pumped recognition of Earth Hour into all of our print and email list promo.

Just got word that a short film that Bohdan(photographer in the show)starred in just made the Tribeca Film Festival list..one of six Canadian entries accepted.Pretty fucking cool.

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