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interesting link from Guelph newspaper


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Hey, I know this is a youtube video and there's a whole forum for that. Someone hit this guy's car in a parking lot in downtown Guelph and he posted the security video of it. I saw it when the Guelph Mercury newspaper put this link on its front page.

I dont know how to insert the actual video so here is the link.

and here's is the blurb from the video:

Guelph' date=' I need your help in getting this guys license plate. He hit my car doing a lot of damage and just took off. Luckily, I know one of the business owners downtown and they were able to provide me with this tape.

Imagine this was your car, and this happened and how frustrated you'd be. Well I'm there right now.

I just hope someone can help! There is a $100 reward for the license plate of this car (my email is at the end of the video)

Thanks for taking the time to look![/quote']

I have no idea who any of these people are, but I just thought the fact that he posted the video and especially the fact that the newspaper put the link up was interesting.

I've never seen anything like this before (although, admittedly, I dont get out much). :)

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