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So I bought my good friend a leg or prosciutto (courtesy of Jaybone) for his birthday and he's having a party tomorrow to help eat most of it. Anyone got any good suggestions? I'm doing some asparagus proscuitto flowers and some tomato,basil, buffalo mozza and prosciutto plate... of course it'll be wrapped around some melon as well. I was also thinking about doing some fresh figs stuffed with blue cheese wrapped with prosciutto as well...

chime in if you have a recipe or thought...

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when we were in New Orleans last year for jazzfest, we went for muffulettas at Central Grocery - the originator of it.


In a word, they were disgusting. Smothered in sickening olive salad on dense, grease-soaked 10" round loaf with almost an inch of meat and tons of cheese. Naively, we each got one, but realized our mistake upon opening the wrappers. Could barely finish a third of it. Never again.

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