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The show was incredible! Just Hawksley and Mr. Lonely (piano player) so it was very intimate, and lovely. Lots of hilarious banter and his voice... oh that voice. Always perfect and wonderful.

Great set list, because he was taking requests all night. Ainsley would yell out a song, and he'd say "oh yeah, that's a good one" and then play it. A few songs I remember the names of were Bullets, Paper Shoes, Jealous of your Cigarette, Striptease, Ice Age, Your Beauty Must be Rubbing Off, You and the Candles, Smoke Baby, Canadian Motorcycle Gangs, and some song about a Tarantula where he broke off and moaned for a good minute or so... had all the ladies percolating in the audience.

I didn't want it to end. When they left the stage before the 1st encore, they were only gone for a minute... when they came back on stage Hawksley said, "Oh we just went back there for a minute, no big deal" and started to play again.

I’m sad to say, you missed a great show schwampy. Don’t miss the next one!!

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yes, he definitely did some boris-esque funny voices on tarantula. plus some super sexy panting that was all kinds of white hotness.

what a treat. it was such an intimate show and we were so close to him, it was more like having him come and hang out in your living room. thank you sooooooooooooooooo much, miss pink, for making me go to this show. beyond jealous of your cigarette, i wasn't familiar with him at all, and miss p insisted it would be a tragedy if i missed this, so i followed her advice and AM I EVER FREAKING GLAD I DID.

oh hawksley, hawksley, hawksley, may i admire you again today? swoon indeed.

i'm so proud he's canadian. and like, real canadian. not metro-toronto canadian. :)

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