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Bonnaroo: Artist Additions II


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We are proud to announce the following additions to the 2008 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival lineup:

Tiësto (late night set)

Stephen Marley

Money Mark

The Coup

Wood Brothers

Rogue Wave

Newton Faulkner

Who are these bands? I only know Tiesto (and know enough that I'll probably find myself at another stage at that point).

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Mark Ramos-Nishita aka Money Mark is a producer and musician who has collaborated with the Beastie Boys many times. Most of his work is underground. He also appears on the first Banyan album as the Freeway Keyboardist. His first album, the relatively obscure "Mark's Keyboard Repair" (1995), was made up of keyboard driven pop-funk songs recorded at demo quality. It was followed up by the "Third Version EP" in 1996 and "Push the Button" in 1998.

Whereas his 1996 EP was similar to his debut, "Push the Button" was extremely eclectic, combining aspects of Rock music and Pop with Soul, Funk and Hip-Hop. This inventive LP was met with good reviews, as was his 2001 follow up "Change is Coming" which had a tropical yet danceable disco and funk sound.

His most notable contribution to popular music thus far might be the famous keyboard phrase that opens and underpins "Where It's At" from Beck's 1996 album, Odelay.

He also played keyboards on tour for the Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Quintet in support of their self-titled album, Omar Rodriguez. He has since become a full member of the quintet, appearing on the live EP with Damo Suzuki called Please Heat This Eventually and several other albums, with his debut full-length collaboration with the group being the Quintet's second LP release, The Apocalypse Inside of an Orange.

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Tiesto are you fucking serious....WOW Bonnaroo has sunk to new lows of commercially inept music.

I do laude the additions of Money Mark and the Wood Brothers..those guys have chops...

Tiesto can barely mix...so sad

P.S. Money Mark is the keyboard wizard and musical director for the Beastie Boys. He was crucial in crafting their sound from ill communciation on...not to be missed.

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