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Austin City Limits

boiler rat

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I've been downloading and watching a lot of this show lately. The breadth of talent they put on this show is amazing. Not only that but the sound quality and cinematography is mind blowing. Especially if you're lucky enough to watch it in HD.

I've watched an absolutely rocking Racontuers set, followed by the amazing Cat Power. The wise and legendary John Prine, making a comeback performance from Cancer. I was amazed watching Alejandro Escovedo and his band, consisting of two guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, two Cellos and a violin player. The guitar playing in this show was stunning. Wilco gave a mellow and haunting performance. Allison Kraus and Union Station kept my feet tapping with their brand of bluegrass music. When the foot wasn't tapping it was because they switched up to one of thier enchanting ballads.

Here's a list of some of the upcoming episodes and a link to the Austin City Limits website.


03.22.08 | Alison Krauss + Union Station followed by Kathleen Edwards (encore)

03.29.08 | Juanes (encore)

04.05.08 | Ryan Adams followed by Tift Merritt (encore)

04.12.08 | John Prine followed by Amos Lee (encore)

04.19.08 | Ray Davies (encore)

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awesome man, with no cable i never see it anymore. thanks for the link!

oh yeah...i also like KT Tunstall even though i feel she is kinda top 40ish. :)KT

by the way is there anyway to save these songs, those from the video, onto your computer? ie. so then you can load them to your ipod?

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They do it up right for sure BR. I swear the 'unplugged' team stole the whole format for its sheer depth of appeal. It always seems to bring you right through the screen and onto the stage. Neil's appearances have always floored me and he must have been thinking of those shows when he produced Harvest Gold. Have I got that right? Y'know the latest live film where he's playing Hank's old Martin? Brings me to tears with its integrity.

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search Large Hearted Boy for tons of ACL audio torrents from their festivals, loads of other great stuffs too

tv downloads are usually .avi or .mp4

can likely seperate the audio from video but probably a hassle

recommend you get a cheap "DivX" capable dvd player to plug into your tv... $30 to $50... will play your downloaded compressed computer movies, dvd rips, tv shows, music, as well as standard cds/dvds (make sure it will cover all those, most do now)... is very good yes

Austin City Limits more very good yes yes... seems like you can also download free "legit" Austin City Limits torrents here

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and if its tv can you convert to mp3?

What paisley said. Sometimes when you download video it comes in DVD format. That's fine if you burn yo DVD's. I connect my media player up to my TV so I convert everything from DVD format to .avi. I use software called AutoGK to do that. http://www.autogk.me.uk/

There's also software out there that will allow you to record audio stream from your soundcard to mp3. Here's a link for a free one. http://www.download.com/Audio-Recorder-for-Free/3000-2168_4-10427509.html?tag=lst-3

I've never tried it, so I can't vouch for it.

Thanks for that link paisley, just got the Willie Nelson.

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just got that audio recorder for free. pretty easy to use. could i guess now could record those streaming SB from GD archive. but i probably wont as i just find there is such a plethora of music out there now...compared to years ago, when i would sit at home recording radio.

boiler rat...why are you called that?

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Damn, just finishing up the Ray Davies episode right now. Killer stuff. He's got a great band backing him up. Makes my pissed for missing the show here a couple of weeks ago :(

And the ACL performance gives the illusion that Ray's live focus nowadays is on his solo material, which it is not if you catch him at the Bluesfest. It was 70-30 Kinks in Toronto, however his new solo stuff more than holds its own, which is no small feat.

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alejandro has been to ottawa bluesfest twice in the last 3 years. I saw him the first time and was blown away by an incredibly gorgeous set. I made sure to catch some of his performance last year. I think he was playing at the same time as clinton's p-funk, so I caught some george, and then went to the smaller stage to see the rest of alejandro's set. wicked shit.

i held my little roland recorder over my head to capture a little bit of it from last year.

here's the clip

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