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10 000 B.C.


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I'm shocked to hear this is a bad film. Director Roland Emmerich has done great work in the past: Godzilla, Independence Day, Trade, Moon 44, The Day After Tomorrow, The 13th Floor, Eight Legged Freaks, Universal Soldier and The Patriot.

how is that a good list?

I do remember the 13th floor being a pretty cool movie, and The Patriot was alright because Han Solo was in it but that's not a very good resume.

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i just saw this movie tonight as well. I don't even know where to begin. It is so bad that it is good.

To say that the director does not waste anytime with the "rigors of history and science" is a massive understatement. Its ridiculous. I swear these people walk the entire globe in this movie with all the different eco systems they are able to travel through.

They look more like a traveliing group of dirty dead heads than anything you would find in 10,000 B.C. and they might as well be running around searching for the missing "nugs" for all i know...

I spent most of the time making up my own dialogue...

My favorite part is when they are searching for answers about the "almighty ones", as they prepare to battle at the pyramids. They are told of this old blind man who knew many of the secrets of the "almighty ones". Next thing I know they are hoisting something from the ground...sure enough it is the bling man with the "knowledge". Apparently they just keep this guy on a plank lowered into the ground, and when they need answers...presto hoist the poor blind bastard up...i laughed out loud...anyhooo

great flick

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