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Simple computer problem - taskbar (Vista)


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Hey all,

I can't fix this problem and its really irritating me! It should be so easy. I don't know how this happened but..

Something changed so that my little rectangles that indicate all of my open programs (usually to the right of the quicklaunch buttons) suddenly moved over to the far right, and they are all tiny, and stacked up, instead of spreading out across my task bar. As is, if I have more than 1 program/window open, it a pain in the ass to switch from one to the other.

I just want it back to normal!

Also the quicklaunch buttons seem to have fanned out, instead of being stacked up.

I have tried all of the options in the Taskbar & Start Menu Properties section but still can't get it. Can anyone help?

Here's a screen shot of what I've got right now:


(That's with only 1 window/program open.. Firefox. If I had more open, I'd have to scroll through and see them one-by-one, abridged).

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