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Opinions on the Wellington Gastropub (Ottawa)?


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Bradm PWNED!

bradm stuffed. I don't eat out that often, and tonight was a chance to seriously dig in.

I was a little bummed out that they didn't have a beer I wanted, but I went for Earl's Lug Tread, which I've had before and which is nice, too; with the baby spinach salad opener (which had pineapple, 3-year-old cheddar, almonds, capers, and a cider vinegar dressing), it was really good.

For my entree I went with the Angus strip loin (which I had done medium); it came with crushed potatoes (or something like "crushed"; they weren't mashed, they were still in chunks) in a creamy sauce, along with green beans (the crunchiest I've ever had). The meat was done perfectly for me, and it, like the rest of the plate, was delicious. I asked for recommendations for the wine, and a Zinfandel was suggested; I had it, and it worked really nicely. (Zin is a varietal I'm not that familiar with; all I really know is that it tasted fine to me.)

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