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Alrighty,what are your favourites?

Do you make your own? Have any good hot sauce recipes???

Im gonna make some this week...don't know how yet but its gonna happen!

One of my favourites is Tuong Ot Toi Vietnamese Chili Sauce. It comes in a similar colored jar/bottle as the Siracha "Red Rooster" Sauce but WAY better. I am addicted to eating it on anything..

As a basic vinegar based sauce I've been eatin' Franks Red Hot (used to be called Durkee's way back when) since I was a youngin'...

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i like all those mentioned above, but my fave is this Belizean carrot based habanero sauce that I'm almost out of. nice and fresh tasting, good amount of heat and goes great in loads of different things

it's called Marie Sharpe's, and I'm praying i can find it somewhere in town (gonna try the hot sauce store in the market i guess)

here we go

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Chili Chilies is no longer in the market Dave, they moved but you can either go for a nice drive or order online.

Lottie's was always my favorite until I went to Belize and now Marie Sharp in almost any variety is my favorite. Mmmm.

Chili Chilies does have Marie Sharpe but in Belize I got huge bottles for $3.50 each and in Ottawa I pay $7-$8 for a teeny wee bottle. It smarts.

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I brought back some Burundian hot sauce from Rwanda last year called "pili pili". It resembles tabasco in consistency, has a bit of lemon flavour, and is intensely fire engine hot. I also brought back a small bottle of Rwandan hot oil which is too hot to do anything with...it's just essence of pepper I think.

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Chili Chilies does have Marie Sharpe but in Belize I got huge bottles for $3.50 each and in Ottawa I pay $7-$8 for a teeny wee bottle. It smarts.

Yeah, this stuff is great! For some reason I REALLY dig it with a juicy pork tenderloin. My brother is also HIGHLY addicted to this stuff and we have a hard time finding it....Friends of my parents used to bring it back for them every year on the trips to Belize but have since moved away.

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my wife mel makes the best garlic hotsauce ive ever had, and im not just saying that for points.

ill get her to find the recipe, shes in school today, but holy moly, its perfect heat, not too too hot, but not eanough, a touch of curry, tons of garlic, our homegrown cayennes,dried, some other stuff. tasty.

im also a sucker for the brownish generic hot chili sauce, found in quiznos and on coffee trucks around the globe

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For all you hot sauce lovers in the T.O. area or those of you that will be visiting here soon, you all should do yourself a favour and go to The 4th Sense on The Danforth. It's a really "cool" hot sauce store:


Thanks Jaimoe, I think I will check that place out this weekend coming up after work

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Hot Sauce #1 was cracked open yesterday!! It tastes really good and has just enough heat to theoretically make it work for daily use. It is a habanero/bird's eye GARLIC blend. The nice thing is that it isn't overly salty like many commercial sauces but does not lack any flavour. It has a nice sweet tang to it that makes it deliciously addictive ;)

Here is the recipe I came up with and would love to hear how people might tweak it. I already have thoughts of a curry flavoured version as well as a smoked version....

Spices (approx):

1 tsp of

chili powder

dry mustard

dry oregano



sea salt

black pepper


1/2 tsp of

garam marsala

white pepper

1 Tbsp of


Whole allspice (for roasting)

Cumin seed (for roasting)


1/2 red onion

1 bulb garlic (or more)

1/4 sweet pepper

1 carrot

2 bird's eye chili (red thai)

3 habanero chili

1/2 cup cider vinegar

1 cup water

1 Tbsp peanut oil


1) Combine all dry spices except for whole allspice and cumin seed, set aside

2) Combine water and cider and set aside

3) Chop all veg, toss in oil, add allspice/cumin seed

4) Roast veg in oven until lightly browned on edges or until garlic has softened

5) Add roasted veg and 1/2 of liquid and blend until smooth (remove centre cap of blender). Some pieces floating around are nice for flavour...

6) Add blender contents to pot and combine with remaining liquid and dry spices and simmer for 12-15 minutes.

7) While simmering, sterilize jar and lid. Use a jam jar or something that has a proper lid that indicates sealing has occurred.

8) Pour in sauce into jar, close lid. After a while check to make sure lid top has popped down to achieve proper sealing.

9) I let mine sit in the cupboard for a couple weeks before opening and imagine you could let it sit longer.

** If you're planning on preserving it for longer, you should consult a canning guide. You probably want to process the canned sauce in a hot water canner for 20 minutes or so but might not need that much because of the vinegar that is present. Low acid foods need longer precess time but the vinegar should be more than enough to keep anything nasty from sprouting inside!!

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