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I just bought my first Phish CD since their breakup


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Yesterday I bought my first Phish CD since their breakup. I was walking through HMV and decided to pick up the Limited Edistion Phish 'Vegas 96' with the Bonus DVD and the Extensive Forty-Page Photo Book.

I think I haven't picked up anything Phish since Coventry and really haven't listened to them as much as before as I miss them and when I put on Phish I just wish they were still out there touring.

Either way the streak of holding off buying anything Phish is now over and possibly the floodgates will open up and I'll pick up a lot more in the days and weeks to come.



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Was it on sale?

edit to add:

Yesterday I was driving home from NYC and discovered my navigator sitting in shotgun was unfamiliar with the band. I had a stack of my old cd's on the go (no iPod capacity in the van), including some Phish.. I then found myself going on a 2.5 hour ramble about the band, with accompanying soundtrack. Poor Anna, haha. Good times though, I hadn't listened to Phish in a good long while!

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I haven't been listening to much Phish (or any other jamband) lately, but I just threw on 12/29/97-my second show, and am absolutely loving it. The Antelope is a rager and I'm getting down to a 2nd set DWD opener right now. I do miss the Phish.

I think they will be back sooner rather then later at this point. I'm thinking next fall we might hear news.

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