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Anyone enjoy Last.fm?


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It's some pretty facinating algorhythms at work there!

It used to be after uploading a bunch of my music and plugging in who I felt I was similar too (I'm not similar to anything, so I just typed in everything I like.) I could put on "sounds like Fowl" and hear a randomised play list of all my favorite music featuring releases I don't own yet. Then they switched it up, and now it seems (or perhaps these rhythms just took a while to take hold of my list) that what listeners of your music listen to affect what gets played in your list, creating bizarre swirls of links through the magic radio. Unfortunately, I have a friend who makes ambient music, and he's scrobbled my music a whole lot, and now my similar radio station is all ambient!!! hahha, totally opposite to what I do, but it's still a facinating system.

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