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Al-qaeda theory~


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HAHA I just got in from the pub and I was drinking with some of the old boys there and we were on the topic of alternitive energy like solar power and wind power and how its becomeing more popular, now mind you they were in there since probally 12-noonish so they had a few in them already. But anywho one of the old boys said that alternite power is becoming more popular to the western world because we need it, and that we want to say FUCK you to the middle east and there oil, haha, So now on the topic of people in the middle east the other old boy says you know with all they oil over there the guys are filthy rich and have lots of wives, but its not fair to the normal people because not everyone can have ten wives cause then the population would have to be 10 women to 1 guy, So obviously some people have no wives, and they they are forced to beat off, and living in the desert beating off all day would make a man go crazy, So that were the Al-qaeda people come from I mean you would probally hate western culture if you had to live in the desert, with a couple cocnuts and a palm tree and beat off, thats why they go and blow them selfs up so when they die they can go to Ala and get some virgins, Thats where al-qaeda starts he said and I Lost it I dont htink I have EVER laughed soooooo hard in my life!

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