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Free Phish SBDs


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ok its a bit tricky too,, youll have to change the mp3 to shn if thats what you want,,, and you have to change the 2 showdates to whatever you want


dont tell no one.

i agree with why make the rich richer,, im sure they h ave no problems when it comes to monetary concerns

and your welcome [smile]

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The fixed the glitch? Interesting...

Here's my thoughts on the issue:

1) Because it's coming from the actual server that's holding the live phish shows, I guess it is kinda stealing. For some reason if it was coming from someone else it wouldn't feel as much like stealing... In a way it's kinda like walking out of HMV with cd's you didn't pay for.

If you use a proxy server to hide your identity you can grab the files without your identity being known. Kinda like wearing a mask when you steal your cd's?

2) Phish hasn't really tried selling shows before like this. All they really had to do is get someone to patch the board and record, which I'm sure they do already. Then someone xfers it, encodes to shn. Makes jewel cases etc... My point is they are now making a ton of extra cash for very little work.

3) It was pretty much impossible for so many to get Phish tickets, and they still didn't bother to web cast it or anything like that...

My final thoughts... Take em or pay for em, both are equally right and wrong... I guess...

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I agree with you 100%.

Please do not use this board as a way to illegally spread music or in a way that goes against a band's music sharing policy.

If you make a personal decision to share music in an illegal manner or in a manner that goes against a band's policy, that is your choice. However, don't use this board to do it, as your choice may have a negative impact on others and on this site. I don't want this site shut down, and I don't want to be hassled because people are using this site irresponsibly.

Peace, Mark

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as your choice may have a negative impact on others and on this site.

this would ring true on the board. of course, you can be like the other 10 or so people who are interested in the cd's, and just email me privately.

Or we have the jamhub. either which way, the music WILL be spread.


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