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Well BBQ season is coming into full gear with the nice weather and all, I might as well start a BBQ thread for you to post your favorite BBQ ideas and concoctions.

Matt and I just got our brand spankin new one on the weekend and used it everyday since, and don't really plan on using the oven much at all this summer.

Thinking chicken tonight, and favorite marinades?

Grill away!!

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im going to take the liberty of slightly opening the thread and ask about BBQ care and use.

we have a decent gas bbq with a ceramic grill (that my parents bought us as a housewarming gift a couple of years ago, thanks M&D). do youse guys use a wire brush to carefully clean the grill before or after grilling? before or after pre-heating? do you ever oil the grill, and if so, how? do you ever use wood chips? and can i use the built-in "tray" (that sits under the grill and above the flame) to place the chips in, or do I need some special contraption?

we also got a rotisserie and im ashamed to say we have never used it. anyone ever use one?

mucho gracias :D

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I have cast iron gates on the 'cue so here's what I do. I don't clean them after cooking - instead I preheat them the next time and brush off the previous junk. Then I give them a wipe with a paper towel and peanut oil (owing to it's tolerance for high temperature).

Don't use Pam or non-stick spray that is not a sprayable oil as it doesn't work well in high temperatures and leaves a sticky coating on the BBQ and the grates.

You can do wood chips in a small aluminum tin or in foil and place them directly on the flame, just lower the flame underneath so you get them smoldering instead of catching them on fire or getting too much smoke.

Never had a rotisserie and probably never will.

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I'm going to grab a rotisserie, buffalo roast oh yeah.

For cleaning I do it right after I finish cooking while it's still hot. I have iron grills so just go to town with the wire brush but that is all.

Oil the grills eh? I never thought of that but it's a marvelous idea, hmmmmmm, gonna have to try that out.

Also, the wood chips or blocks must be above the flames and should be evenly spread out. If you have good blocks you don't need anything between them and the flames, they won't burn. My bbq doesn't have a bottom grill or holder so I can't use chips or bricks but I am strongly thinking of grabbing some.

Now, what about burgers? Anyone else like me and trying to perfect the art of burger making? I've been experimenting with different concoctions and so far I like:

-2 lbs beef

-Green and Red pepper chopped finely

-onion chopped finely

-Mushy's chopped finely

-Tonnes of Worcestershire sauce (who knows if that's how you spell it, lee and perrin's I think)


-One egg

-Little bit of beer

-At least 2 garlic cloves, minced and mushed

-Ground black pepper

-Quite a bit of salt (yup, you can put tonnes and it won't be salty but too much will dry out the meat)

-Couple shakes of mustard powder

-Pinch of chili pepper.


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