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Skanks, what do you think of this website/concept?


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If you have a moment, I'd really appreciate your 2 cents on this...


iRANKD is on the web with the promise to make "every opinion count". Unlike traditional web polls, iRANKD allows the vistors to rank the options in a poll, called an iRANK, and add new items to the possible choices. iRANKD believes this is the most effective and satisfying method to express an opinion about any given topic.

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Lists are popular for sure. Top 10 lists are everywhere. They are fun, but only when there is context for every entry (check out some of Cracked.com's lists).

I see a site trying to be a Web 2.0 social site but it could very well turn into fanboy biased lists. I'm surprised the site doesn't force you to sign up in order to vote. I'm sure some script kiddies will take advantage of that hole.

I like sites where a community can create stuff and have others in the community participate. That's the point of the social sites. But isn't there something like this on facebook already?

Facebook is the internet now for alot of people ;)

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