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Anyone make beer?


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I've recently started. My first batch was a stout and it turned out very impressive. It wasn't quite Guinness but I didn't sour it after fermentation as they do. However, it was probably better than any other stout I've have.

Now I've got a Pale Ale on the go that's ready to be bottled. I made it using wort from Magnotta and a yeast starter that my friend supplied to me. It was a California yeast. I'm going to bottle it up tonight using a bunch of 473ml "Grolsh" bottles that I picked up. I love the swing tops!

Yesterday I pitched the yeast starter that I made (two iterations) (Hefeweizen) into a carboy of Magnotta Wheat wort.

Sometime this summer I think I'll try a boil and make my own wort but for now I'm having a blast playing with yeast types and understanding the whole process a little better.

Anyone else making beer? I don't mean at one of those home-brew places either.

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