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B.A. Johnston in Brantford tonight


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Brantford has The Ford Plant and that is IT! It's an all ages, non-profit uhh... art gallery?!? Providing you use a cup and discretion you can drink in there BYOBin' it. It saves me a fucking fortune! Since I've lived here I've seen Cuff The Duke, The Bicycles, Mother Mother, Great Lake Swimmers, Zoobombs, Rock Plaza Central, Attack In Black, Jon-Rae and The River, The Ghost Is Dancing, Spiral Beach, You Say Party We Say Die and more.

The cover is usually $5 and no more. It's a total dive and sometimes the underage crowd is obnoxious but sometimes I'm worse so who cares right?

I have a couch and there is a massive call center downtown that is ALWAYS hiring if you want a job.

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I was mistaken for him outside of the show and told him about it. B.A. said I would have to be willing to take a bullet for him but the job is there if I want it!

Amazing gig. Wax Mannequin was good. B.A. ripped the house apart. Ran outside and jumped on a random car hood and sang You've Got My Heart Blinking Like an Old Nintendo for the encore. Great night!

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