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county boys! tonight! irene's!

snarfmaster C

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anyone awake yet at the lambs den?

them county boys have any new originals these days?

I should catch their next Toronto gig

30 May 2008 22:00

Dakota Tavern/wBradley Boy Toronto, Ontario

Thanks for the heads up there, I have marked my calendar. One step closer to actually making it there!

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a good night of music for sure.

they've got some great new tunes too! i especially liked the one called "stop that banjo pickin'" or somn like that. i can just picture benj's neighbour as the inspiration behind it... :)

capped the night off with some piano, bass, and 4 part harmony (well, it sounded harmonic to our whiskey-soaked ears...) gospel singin chez lambinator. wowser are those boys a good time :D

AWeeJig & Michelle, I'm so very glad to have met yas! :) lookin forward to doin it again with you!

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