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Looking for Sunshine Daydream

Rob Not Bob

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i can't vouch for the quality as i have a copy from a different source, but...


you WILL need to be a member at both btjunkie and the traders den, but i have had no problem just registering on the spot and dling. do yourself a favour if you like live GD video. get into traders den, search GD video, plunder through the torrent threads. they are just that threads, often with screen shots so you know what you're getting. this is a valuable service, since the files are in the 11GB range as dvd files, three discs to a show. i was using this site sparingly until roger's decided to put the clampdown. since my free period ends in late may, i've grabbed nearly 120GB all at once. i need a new HD!

here are some favorites that i've gotten recently:

10-09-89 the surprise warlock show in hampton

09-26-91 Bahston Gahdens killer show!

06-26-94 Vegas 1st set A+ PRO shot, for the Bobby nuthugger fans out there!

07-09-95 Soldier's Field PRO shot 1st half of 2nd set..not a very good show but worth it for the GREAT emotion in the so many roads (tear jerker fer me)

also a fair amount of the Europe '90 tour up there, as well as some really cool Black & White '77 era shows.

like i said start downloading now if you want before roger's charges you for it. i just checked my usage online and it says under the new rules i WOuLD be paying an additional $243.72 this month for bandwidth!!! Bwahahaha.

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