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If it's the divx from demonoid (or any divx) you might run into that problem. The one from demonoid uses mp3 as the sound format and when it converts the video there's a chance that the video changes length or the sound. If it's off from the start it's easy to fix (if you have video editing software) just move the video or audio until it's in synch. If it slowly goes out of synch then there's a bigger problem in that you have to stretch the audio out. There could also be an even bigger problem in that some music formats are a different length than the video and there are tags in the audio stream that tell the dvd player how to interpret the audio, what delay to use, how much to stretch it if necessary, etc.

I doubt that really helps but there's somewhat of a description of what's going on.

What program do you use to convert the divx to dvd format (if that's the case)?

Oh, and for the record if you have a dvd player that can play divx's then who knows what's going on :)

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