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Ben Whiteley & Suzy Wilde - Mondays at Linuxcaffe


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So I've been booking live music at the cafe that I work at and must say its been going well! The most exciting thing (for me) that we have going is Monday nights we have Ben Whiteley and Suzy Wilde playing. Ben is one of Ken Whiteley's sons and he wears the name well. They have guests just about every week.. Last week it the set-up was stand-up bass, acoustic guitar and fiddle. Ken Whiteley has sat in once so far, and showed up maybe 3 times. I met him and chatted with him, very exciting for me!!!

They play for about an hour, starting at 8pm. Live music is always free at the cafe. Come and check it out sometime!

Here's some bio info on Ben & Suzy:

Toronto-born Suzy Wilde (Nancy White's daughter) studies music at Humber College and writes and performs with her band, Stonefox . She has recently teamed up with long time friend, Ben Whiteley (Ken Whiteley's son) to write and record some original songs. Having both been raised in musical families, Whiteley and Wilde grew up surrounded by Toronto's folk scene and have since been drawn to pop, jazz, country and indie music. The result is a mixture of many different influences and a sound that is unique to them.




http://linuxcaffe.ca/event (linuxcaffe calendar)

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