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[archive & pic] Share 4-5-08 Elwoods, SJ


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Saturday, April 5, 2008


Saint John, NB

Source: SP LSD2 (cardioids, XY @90) > Hydra XLRs > Oade ACM Marantz PMD660 (16bit/44.1khz)

Location: DFC, FOH, stand @ 9ft

Transfer: CF > USB 2.0 > Sound Studio 3 > xACT > .flac

Taped & Transferred by: Adam Hicks

Disc 1

01. Horse and Rider

02. Penmanship

03. The Great Before

04. Caveat

05. Giraffe's Running

06. K.C.

Notes: Share played before Snailhouse and Grand Theft Bus

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That might also work nicely for a guitar player who wanted to occasionally play some lap steel. In fact, a decently long ironing board might be able to accommodate both a lap steel and a small keyboard (like a Micro Korg), though I might be worried about how tippy it was with that much weight on it.



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