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Outdoor Movie Question


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Hey everyone,

I'd like to organize an outdoor movie showing of An Inconvenient Truth and 11th Hour sometime in June in an outdoor lot.

I know that City TV does something like this in Toronto and am wondering if anyone has any advise on audio and visual requirements for such an event. We must need a certain type of projector and sound system for this to be successful. The wall we're projecting on will be cinderblock and is the normal grey colour. Will this be okay or do we cover it with something?

Thanks for any advise you have.

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Contact a couple of Audio/Visual rental companies and see what they say. I'm sure that you'd need to know the size of the wall you're projecting on to determine which projector you would need. Also, for the audio they'd need to know the size of the 'venue' and how many people you'd be expecting.

If you tell them that this is for a worthwhile cause, and not a money-maker (or maybe charity) they should cut you a big break. Their gear is used more on weekdays for businesses, so they should be happy to get it out on a weekend.

I used to deal with TelAV a lot here in Toronto. Don't know where else they have locations.

Remember you'll have to wait until it gets dark enough to be able to see it well enough. Time of year plays a factor (if its June/July it sometimes doesn't get dark until 9pm!)

Great idea. Good luck.

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wow - do not go through TelAV if you are paying their prices! We've partnered up before with Wall Sound and Lighting before, they have lots of stuff from small to big. If you need more assistance PM me and I can talk back and forth with them...


With any AV company, labour/trucking will always cost more than the equipment itself for smaller rentals...should be pretty easy to hook up though!

Any normal projector over 1500 lumens is fine if you are showing it after dusk....i'd suggest 2500 lumens, and 'Christie' brand if it's an option...normal Home theatre/office projectors are fine and will have computer/dvd player inputs if you can get a freebie.

For sound systems, any PA speakers would do(don't you have some in your basement?) because it's just stereo sound - how big is the lot? how many people? If you want easy there are powered speakers from Yorkville/JBL/Mackie that you could use, you would just need some power cables and go straight out of the DVD player into the speakers...turn it up and go!

Since you are using a cinderblock wall there are no worries, but one rule to live by - a screen outside is a sail.

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Make sure you set the audio levels on the DVD "Set-up" feature to stereo and not 5.1 or DTS since I'm assuming you won't have a centre speaker. If you are using only two speakers and if the audio is 5.1, you may have find the dialogue a bit tinny or far back in the mix.

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