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Phil Lesh - historic Warfield run

Kanada Kev

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Wow ... 2 shows down and both are killer! Well, i heard the first one today while I was at work and it made the time just fly by .

Here's where you can get your copies if you like. I can convert to MP3 and sendspace 'em or something if anyone is interested:


Phil Lesh & Friends

5-13-8 @ The Warfield, SF CA

I: Jam-> <<< The Grateful Dead Album >>>

II: Jam-> <<< Anthem of the Sun Album >>>

E: Not Fade Away

Notes: If you are placing these bits on cd, try s1t9->s2t5 on cd 2, s2t6->s2tb on cd 3.

Sound path: Neumann skm 140s->Sound Devices 722->Resample-1.8+(24/192->16/44.1khz);

minor glitch fixes w/ cooledit.

email: phopely@seas.upenn.edu



Phil Lesh & Friends

5-14-8 @ The Warfield, SF CA

I: Jam-> <<< AoxomoxoA Album >>>

II: Jam-> <<< Live Dead Album >>>

E: King Bee

Notes: 2nd cd can fit as s2t1-s2t5, 3rd cd as s2t6-s2ta

Teresa Williams was the voice of the harpy, a sound so sweet.

Sound path: Neumann skm 140s->Sound Devices 722->Resample-1.8+(24/192->16/44.1khz);

minor glitch fixes w/ cooledit.

email: phopely@seas.upenn.edu



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They are giving away posters on each night of the run. Together, they will form the "ceiling" of the Warfield. Cool shit! Take a look here at some pics of one of 'em.


In the second poster photo - you'll see Uncle Bobo -aka- Bill Graham -aka- Wolfgang Grajonca - was placed in the upper right corner of the poster - in the clouds.


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agreed. Nothing wrong with Baracco, but it's a nice change and infusion of a new sound element :P This is why I love P&F. Rotating members = fresh and new experiments on a solid and time-tested foundation.

Can't wait for Rochester ... sure you can't swing it? Levon/Larry/Lesh man!

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May 17th, 2008:

There WERE three sets.

The guest guitar player was Henry Kaiser and on the talking drum Sikiru.

Set 1:


Mama Tried

Big Railroad Blues

Playing In The Band

The Other One

Me & My Uncle

Big Boss Man

Me & Bobby McGee

Johnny B. Goode

Wharf Rat

Not Fade Away/Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad

set 2 (dead set)

Samson and Delilah

Friend Of The Devil

New Minglewood Blues



Little Red Rooster



Feel Like A Stranger

Franklin's Tower

Set 3: (W/ Henry Kaiser)

Rhythm Devils (sikiru on talking drum, started as a duet with John Molo--eventually became the full band plus Kaiser)

Fire On The Mountain

Greatest Story Ever Told

Brokedown Palace

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from philzone.com:

No albums tonight. And while the ushers last night told us they'd play 'til 4am, they only played 'til 3:30. Hah!


Electric Set 1: (Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, John Molo)

# Come Together >

# Jam >

# Dark Star >

# Loose Lucy

# West LA Fadeaway

# The Wheel >

# Not Fade Away

Jeff Chimenti and then Larry Campbell joined in the middle of West LA Fadeaway, and then played the rest of the set

The Come Together > Dark Star > Loose Lucy jam played by Bob, Phil, and John lasted around 40 minutes (Dark Star lasted 20+ minutes). Because they were in a smaller vessel, they were able to go deeper into space during Dark Star than on Wednesday. The West LA Fadeaway was a very nice slow bluesy version, quite nice. The whole set was around 90 minutes I think. Seeing just Bob and Phil play like that was truly special.


Acoustic Set 1: (Larry Campbell and Jackie Greene)

# Your Last Letter ?

# Sing Me Back Home

# Deep Elem Blues

# Instrumental ?

# Warfield Waltz

# Please Come Home ?

# Goodnight Irene ?

I didn't recongize several of these songs. Larry played all sorts of instruments. It was sweet and pretty short....


Electric Set 2: (Phil and Friends)

# Shakedown Street >

# Ball and Chain

# Big River

# Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo >

# Jam >

# Althea

# Mexican Girl

# Stella Blue (Instrumental) >

# Sugaree

Mark Karan joined at Mississippi Half-Step and played for the rest of the set.

Ball and Chain and Mexican Girl were the first Jackie songs we heard, both were very well played, concise, rollicking songs. Mark and Larry shared some incredible intertwined guitar work throughout the Half-Step > Althea. Stella Blue was very unusual and beautiful, Larry's pedal steel took the place of the vocal lead. The Sugaree rocked.


Acoustic Set 2: (Jackie Greene and Tim Bluhm)

# Spider John

# ? (last goodbye?)

# ? (squeek wheel?)

Jackie and Tim sing together in a band called the "Skinny Singers". Tim is a good guitarist, their voices sound good together. The songs have catchy tunes and quirky lyrics. Tim's wife Mickey sang harmony on the third tune.


Electric Set 3: (Phil and Friends)

# Sugar Magnolia >

# Sunshine Daydream

# Unbroken Chain >

# Jam >

# Mountains Of The Moon >

# Jam >

# Terrapin Station >

# I Know You Rider

A couple thousand balloons fell from the ceiling at the beginning of Sugar Magnolia, which rocked. There was also a giant mirror ball above the stage. The Unbroken Chain had a rocking jam part but was fairly slow in the verses, and then the Mountains was beautiful, but darn for an old man those slow songs at 2:30am ar tough. They must have known -- the Terrapin was very interesting, fast and intricate, and the Rider closer was very rowdy.


Encore: (Phil and Friends w/ Mark Karan)

# Donor Rap

# Truckin >

# And We Bid You Good Night

Good Truckin', but I think everyone was tired....

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I dig Phil, and go to see him when I can. That said, I wonder if this Warfield run was a little over the top. Playing albums in their entirety, the balloon drop, etc. seem like much ado about nothing. The Grateful Dead played their last Warfield show a long time ago, and I think Phil may have been overstating the significance of this run by pulling out all the bells and whistles. Last night looks like it was a crazy show and I'm looking forward to hearing it, but I wonder if Phil might be lacking a bit of perspective.

At any rate, thanks for the updates and links, Kev. I've been enjoying them over the past few days.

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Hartamophone, there is a reason it was over the top.

Phil said good-bye to the Warfield these past few shows. His perspective was completely in check. I cant wait to hear the first few songs from the last show. That's heavy.

Edit: They are going to sound like the old men that they are but it's still heavy. Dark Star itself is such an undeniably perfect song choice as far as I am concerned.

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drifting and dreaming.....................
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