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havinbeers? no havinlisterine!!


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Clearly these guys are homeless for a reason:

A bottle of no-name yellow mouthwash contains 26.9% alcohol, compared to 21.6% for the green, blue and orange flavours, according to the bottle labels. At a downtown drug store, a no-name bottle of yellow mouthwash retailed for $4.99 yesterday. The other colours were $1.99. The brand name products were upwards of $9.49.

Do the math rummies and you'll find that purchasing two bottles of green for $1.99 at 21.6% will get you far more fucked, and have your breath smell better than one at 26.9% for $4.99.

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65% of male homeless in Ottawa are crack addicts!

Not quite: that's actually the percentage of male clients at the Mission who are crack addicts.

At the Ottawa Mission, 35% of the male clients are alcoholics, while 65% are addicted to crack cocaine.



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