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garden tips?


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for a first time urban gardener… I’ll take any advice you want to pass along (preferably organic)

So far I’ve added manure and egg shells to the soil. Planted some thyme, chives basil, cherry tomatoes, and carrots. My plan is to add some regular tomato plants, cucumber and perhaps a variety of peppers.

I’ve been reading lots about companion gardening, hence the basil and carrots with my tomatoes.

I’ve also read about hair clippings and old shoes to keep animals at bay.

Any more tips.

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As an extension to my "Any good Books?" thread.... recommendations for great urban gardening books please! Organic, space maximization, companion planting, soil development, whatever!

I sort of laughed after looking at the Square Foot Gardening books as this is very similar to an idea I have been cultivating in my brain....

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