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Come Together Music Fest thoughts ...

mark tonin

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I only made it up to the festival for one day (Sunday), and even with the copious amount of rain and the chilly temperatures I had an inspiring and funtastic time.

Here are some thoughts from my experience:

Eric, Les and John of Caution Jam … wow! … these 3 guys hold it down and let it go in a big way! It was very cool hearing the band “stripped down†to a 3 piece to start the night …three stellar musicians making great music. Add extra musicians such as Jay Cleary and Mark Wilson for some icing on the cake!

Snack! … totally pro! At least 5 times during their set I turned to the people around me and smiled and shook my head in awe. World music jammed out for the audience. Ironically, they would get “stuck in a jam†at times, but that can happen when you try to stretch limits. These guys could play anywhere in the world and people would dig it.

The Tim Turvey Ensemble impressed the heck out of me. Especially Tim on the drums … he totally “goes for it†and tries to find the edge of the music which is groovy yet transcends what is happening. Loved it!

Menno Groove started playing just after I arrived … a cool mix of danceable grooves and gritty rock and roll.

Barefootin’ followed Menno Groove and the contrast was nice … a four-piece acoustic act, playing lots of feel good music in the spirit of the Dead.

I had a lot of fun playing bass with the Chris Mulligan Band. People seemed to dig it, as we got lots of complimentary feedback after our set. Very inspiring! None of the guys in the band have ever been to a Come Together Fest before, and they loved the audience’s willingness to take in new music. It’s so nice to play a gig where people want to hear what is being played.

Mark and Rick, thanks again for all that you do to make this festival happen! I ran into a number of festival “newbies†and they were all gushing about the awesome time that they were having.

questcequecest?’s “fire pit welding project†… very cool … no, it was “very hot†and I loved how warm it made me feel on a cold night.

Jen Evans … I don’t know if you read this message board, but if you do, thanks for the words that you wrote in chalk on the floor of the saloon just before out set. Talk about making a guy feel good!

Mousepad, geomouse and Robin … all three of you rock in a big way!

Gotta cut this off for now, family life calls …

Peace, Mark

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I appologise on behalf of the Midnight Shift for a discraceful Dire Wolf...

Aside from that plunder we all had a great time, thanks for keeping up with us until the wee hours!

Ricky and Ryan - thank you SO much for sitting in second set, it really wouldn't have been as successful without you boys. Still waiting for that blister to heal from Allmans 'you don't love me'! (Thanks also to Steve Murphy for the awesome harp playing and Mark Wilson for having us!)

Schwa...you better have been passed out or dead...though it was still nice to see you for all but 2 mins.

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that was FUN!

my musical highlights were snowheel slim (kinda rockabilly), and the house of david (reggae)... i had never seen either band before and was pleasantly surprised by both. late nights in the saloon were loopy as usual, and all of the music provided was very much appreciated.

my other highlight was the people... fun getting together with old friends, and meeting some new ones. again this is the usual. :)

looking forward to seeing some pics. cheers!

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I had a wicked time even though the weather kind of knocked me out..

My fav. bands of the weekend were House of David Gang, and the Tim Turvey Combo band (not sure of the name :) ) The Saloon was CRAAZY on sun for the day.. I liked dancin it up in there :D

I am always so happy to make it up to the frountier, everyone was still givin'r all weekend dispite the rain and even snow :D

Thanks everyone for making my weekend awesome :D

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near .....far.......near....far.....opposties!!

had so much fun reliving all the old school sesame steet. Had a great time despite the snow sunday night or should I say Monday morning. Lot's of fun, good music and familiar faces and crazy stories to tell from the saloon as always!

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Come Together was a blast - it was same warm n crazy vibe that i remember - there's a crew that is growing up with the festival - and there are also lots of new faces!

I thought the music was just awesome - I was very happy to be a part of it. Steve Murphy & Friends were hot - we should be Dancin'!! ( the special guests stole the show!) Also Tim Turvey's Ensemble w/ Jonas, Snack! and Chris Mulligan Band were also great!

Love to see more pictures!!

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