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Final Sopranos Episode


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Just rewatched last night the final episode on Telelatino and wondered if anyone had thoughts about the blackout. I like the device more and more - I never heard anyone around here comment on how they used Little Feat for instance, and the Journey seems perfect.

There's the creepy guy at the bar who looks over and goes to the background, and the previous dialogue with Bobby about not seeing it coming. But still I think it's meant to be just a family coming together moment. The core unit of the show. La Familia.

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I felt the same way about the Family thing. Read on the net somewhere though that the name on the wierd guy's jacket was also the name of the episode the saw Uncle June shoot Tony. But I think the director just added that to add to the mystique.

I felt the last two episodes were freakin fantastic though! Was pretty upset over Sylvio's situation and the way Paulie ended up. Its just wierd picturing the family continue after that. Would be such a boring show!

Ya know what? Now that I think about it, I remember the last couple of episodes really bothering me. Why did the Soprano family seem to become the hunted just b/c they found out a hit was being laid on Tony? They went from being ruthless criminals to a bunch of sissies running for their lives! What happened? Why didnt they fight back?

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