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So I'm on Rogers Internet in Choronto. I disconnected from the internet for about two weeks to take my computer elsewhere and when I returned I couldn't connect to the internet. Low or no Connectivity.

I went through the basics, disconnect/reconnect, different cables, even tried a usb connection instead of network cable, reset the modem, called rogers to go through the set-up again and they said the modem is working and rebooted the modem software.

I finally decided to take it in to a repair guy (who I wasn't to confident about) and he proceeded to do everything that I already went through. He also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the NIC (which i think is the network adapter?) and putting in a completely different NIC, neither of which worked. He also tried to hook me up wirelessly to no avail.

His diagnosis is that some windows files are corrupt and he can't do anything about it, does this sound correct?

Windows seems to be setting my ip address automatically to 169.xxx.xxx.xxx everytime which doesn't seem compatible to my modem. Can I get a hold of Rogers and ask them for a specific ip address to sign on manually (for the time being) because I'd like to get this fixed.


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Lots of questions:

Are you trying to connect wirelessly? If so, forget that for now and try plugging right into the cable router.

Have you called Rogers to ask them? It's possible that they need to reset the cable router.

The 169.x.x.x address is what Windows assigns to itself after it gives up trying to acquire one from the ISP. This again points to the cable router.

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I'd try getting to a command prompt (START > RUN > type "CMD" hit Enter)

then type "ipconfig /release" (and hit Enter)

followed by "ipconfig /renew" (and hit Enter)

should flush your modem cache and reset your gateway ip address for you... has fixed basically the same problem for me in the past

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