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Only managed to catch Keller closing out the asheville music jamboree last night...but what a show we were lucky enough to see...WOW !!! He was super pumped to be closing the fest out just after finishing his set with the Keels...and was high energy all the way through...

HIGHlight was the super funky Floatin' on the Freshies !!! that was by far the funest version I've heard yet..the place was going off ;)









Having a wonderful Birfday loooong weekend memorial day style here in the smokies :D

boozin' and blazin' under the sunny southern skies... cheers yall

from the captain' and I :P

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It's a great venue called Deerfields, and I wish we could've made it the whole time! It's an old 940-acre family-owned apple orchard with mountain biking, swimming, hiking, music, fishing, etc., etc..

They have a few festivals there a year, and we're hoping to get there for the next big festy, called Trinumeral Festival August 8-10.. [Galactic, Particle, Lotus, EOTO, Dubconcious, and more!]


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