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Guitarist Bo Diddley dead at 79

Irie Guy

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Bo diddley bought his babe a diamond ring,

If that diamond ring dont shine,

He gonna take it to a private eye,

If that private eye cant see

Hed better not take the ring from me.

Bo diddley caught a nanny goat,

To make his pretty baby a sunday coat,

Bo diddley caught a bear cat,

To make his pretty baby a sunday hat.

Mojo come to my house, ya black cat bone,

Take my baby away from home,

Ugly ole mojo, where ya bin,

Up your house, and gone again.

Bo diddley, bo diddley have you heard?

My pretty baby said she wasnt for it.

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One of my few memories of Ottawa before moving here was seeing Bo Diddley play at some bar on Elgin(?). I still love how he took the stage. I really enjoyed the gig aside from the rap tune.

it was a little startling, the way in which he would end songs- not quite 'out of the blue' but kinda abruptly. i can still remember freaking out a bit seeing chicks dressed in... i dunno what they're called exactly- cocktail dresses(???)... dancing away like they were auditioning for a rick astley video or summat. i remember thinking this town has a collective pickle stuck up its canal.

awesome full and dirty tone to Bo's guitar though, that was great

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from http://www.nme.com/news/bo-diddley/37043

Grateful Dead man remembers Bo Diddley

The Grateful Dead

'He influenced the Beatles and the Rolling Stones' says Mickey Hart

Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart, who once played drums with Bo Diddley, paid tribute to the legendary guitarist who died today (June 2) of heart failure.

Hart told NME.COM that the defining 'Bo Diddley-beat' was "the bedrock for thousands of bands including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead, and countless others."

"His slashing rhythm guitar brought the most powerful rhythms from west Africa into rock 'n roll," said Hart.

"When I was 14 years old I happened to wander into a club and have the opportunity to play my first public performance with the master. It seems his drummer was late and asked if there was drummer in the house. That moment will always be with me."

Hart added, "Rock the heavens, Mr Diddley, like only you can."

Check out Bo Diddley's greatest Youtube video clips on the NME Office Blog now.

For more on Bo Diddley and a biography visit Bo-diddley.com or check out Bo Diddley's Wikipedia entry.

Bo Diddley was inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame in 1987.

--By our Los Angeles staff.

Find out more about NME.

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