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Headed to France for 10 days

Jay Funk Dawg

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I'm pretty excited because my new girlfriend, Karen, and I, will be traveling together in France for 10 days starting on June 10th.

She's actually already down in Italy on a short summer school session, we plan to meet in Nice, France - then find our way to Paris.

I've been to Paris already twice, so I'm looking for some info on some interesting sights and ideas.

Have any skancs had some interesting travel experiences in the South of France and / or Paris?

do tell!


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that sounds great!

i was just in nice in april, stayed at the hotel helvetique, which was a great location. plain room but only 70 euros a night. nice is a nice (ha) place to just soak up the atmosphere...wander the old town, the seaside promenade, the cafes, architecture, etc. :)

i've spent lots of time in lyon and some in paris but i don't have any crazy stories really (that aren't phish related, hehe). but the pere lachaise cemetery in paris is a trip.

have fun! france is so lovely. :)

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Do the CATACOMBS !!! When I was there in '95 they were closed :( They are supposed to be absolutely amazing. There are Parisians who party down there and have found amazing parts (lots still unexplored) like a movie theater that was used by the Germans!




For concerts, here are some while you are there:

06/10/08 Phillip Walker Le Meridien Hotel

06/10/08 Bat For Lashes Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy

06/10/08 Radiohead Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy

06/10/08 Avril Lavigne Zenith Paris

06/11/08 Manu Chao Bercy - Dance Machine

06/11/08 Queensryche Elysee Montmartre

06/11/08 Joshua Radin La Maroquinerie

06/11/08 Phillip Walker Le Meridien Hotel

06/11/08 Juanes Zenith Paris

06/12/08 Phillip Walker Le Meridien Hotel

06/13/08 Phillip Walker Le Meridien Hotel

06/14/08 Phillip Walker Le Meridien Hotel

06/14/08 Plants & Animals Main D'Oeuvre

06/15/08 Phillip Walker Le Meridien Hotel

06/17/08 KISS Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy

06/18/08 Paramore Le Bataclan

06/18/08 Rose Olympia

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The arrondissements further out are an interesting contrast to 1er and 2eme. Can't remember which one has all the flea markets but I had alot of fun out there.

I liked Montmartre as well, the mount itself not as much as the neighbourhood and the delicious restaurants there.

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To stand on Juno Beach was a haunting experience. To visit the Canadian graves at Beny-sur-Mer was humbling to say the least. A beautiful patch of Canada, immaculately cared for and manicured. Big maple trees towering over the headstones. Time there, along with meeting some fantastic families while we stayed in Holland for a couple of weeks made me so proud to be a Canadian. I couldn't wait to see an obnoxious American backpacker with our flag on their bag to teach a lesson. I called my grandfather from England the next day and thanked him (before Bell made that commercial was made).

Another beautiful spot is Giverny. Where Monet had a house and his beautiful gardens. It's stunning (but try to get there early before the tour busses arrive.


If you like impressionist art, check out the Musee d'Orsay. Amazing stuff. I was blown away by Seurat's pointillism pieces. Especially Circus



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