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How dare you show up on time? (WSP)


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For all y'all hitting the show at the Docks, figured I'd let you know they're threatening to start all their summer shows on time this year (ya, right)

June 02, 08 -- Summer Tour Showtimes Message

Hello Shoppers! I’d like to submit a friendly reminder that the Band really does enjoy playing in front of a live audience. This Summer tour, we will be playing our first note at the official show time (check your ticket). It wouldn’t be fair to just spring that on you without mentioning it – so, that’s what this message is for. Our folks will do their best to keep the entrance gates moving quickly (and safely), to help facilitate a timely arrival into the venue by you, the gracious, freaky ticket holders. Bottom line – we’ll all have more time and music to play in.

Thanks for listening (reading),


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Good on them. No matter how many times it happens, it always aggravates me when shows don't start at their advertised time (I'm speaking mainly of bigger arena/theater shows, not necessarily smaller shows in bars). The worst is when shows start way later than advertised and a short first set is followed by an unnecessarily long set break. I know I should be used to it, but it annoys me every time.

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