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RC: Raconteurs on Thursday

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i really liked the show. jack's voice was scratchy, so brendan did take over some of the vocals (they sure do sound alike). pretty high energy for most of the set with a few slow moments and perhaps surprisingly, a bunch of jamming. (much more jamming than i recall from the montreal gig a couple years ago).

packed hall, with a wide variety of ages. i think i would have liked the black lips opening rather than the sadies, although they were decent.

the ltd. ed. print was sold out by the time we arrived (thanks to flippers who buy them up in bulk and sell them on ebay ... oh well)

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I need to say though that I enjoyed a great deal of the show. They had their moments of absolute brilliance. But there were also points where the show really lagged, for me.

What the show really confirmed for me was how much better the first Raconteurs album is from the second. Miles apart imo.

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I loved the show last night and thought both bands were absolutely rockin'! Highlights from the Raconteurs for me were Old Enough, Steady as She Goes and Level. I agree with you Jaimoe, Level is my fav song of theirs for sure! (It's my 3:00am party tune, and it must be played as loud as I can get away with, followed by crazy dancing)

The crowd was so mixed, more older folks then I would have expected to see, but over all it was quite the sausage fest. At one point we were directly behind the chattiest male crew I have ever witnessed at a show. They were gabbing it up the whole show so we eventually moved of course.

The sound wasn't as ear piercingly loud as I was expecting it to be, which I was quite relieved for because I managed to drop one of my ear plugs on the damn floor, but didn't need them afterall thankfully.

Crowd surfing?!?! That was a bit of a surprise, which happened at least a half of dozen times, guys and girls. Crazy!

Overall this was a good show, depite my lack of enthusiasm for the venue change and my insanely tired legs by the end of the night. Oh and I could have done without standing next to the freak that was tripping so hard he was almost chewing his fist off his wrist. That was truly gross! I wonder if he enjoyed the show...

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