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George Lucas' Daughter MMA'er


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From Jim Rome / 6-3-2008


MMA is just a fad that really isn’t on anyone’s “radarâ€. Really?! That’s why I have another “take†on it. Did you see where the “Emperor of the Dorks†and “super rich guy†George Lucas’ daughter, Amanda is an MMA’er?!

She made her MMA debut last night in New Zealand as part of an all female U.S. fight team. And apparently, she’s fitting in just fine with her teammates and not “big leaguing†anyone. Promoter Belinda Dunne says, “She’s staying in a hostel with six other girls. Eating the same food, she has not been a prima donna about it. Within her teammates, none of them really give a crap (about her fame).†That’s great! But she does know that her father has spent the last several decades getting into the pockets of “dorks†and “geeks†worldwide and “bleeding them†for hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars…right? And the reason he did it, was so his daughter wouldn’t have to live in a hostel, with 5 other woman, and get kicked in the head for a living!

Then again, she probably did have to learn how to defend herself against all the adult Star Wars “misfits†and “losers†who bombard her daily with all their questions. One more question about “Boba Fett†and the “Rancorâ€, and she probably will drop a “guillotine†on someone! One more query about “Luke†and “Han†and some “dork†is going to get “choked outâ€! Now that’s a MMA league I can get with!

Return of the “Armbar Amanda ‘Powerhouse’ Lucasâ€â€¦â€œdork slayerâ€!

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